Boating Safety - There's an App for that

Recent statistics have shown a 30% increase in incidents involving Boating Safety! This surge in accidents is partially due to restrictive COVID requirements with expanding recreational boating as a sport and leisure activity. The U.S. Coast Guard boating safety App, is no cost and provides a very user-friendly platform for operators to perform various essential tasks. You can go to your search engine and download Coast Guard App to install this tremendously useful tool. When you download the App on your device, this is the main menu you will see.

The Coast Guard App is composed of various valuable elements to the mariner, such as;

voyage planning, your vessel's profile, necessary regulations, including Rules of the Road, and other functions to make your trip safer and more enjoyable. It also provides a conduit for information gathering and dissemination to the proper authorities to help maintain aids to navigation and other critical aspects of the water environment. It even has an Emergency Assistance button you can press for assistance, which contacts a Coast Guard Rescue Center that alerts nearby assets to assist.

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