Learning To Drive

Remember when you first learned how to drive a car or truck? An exciting experience that throughout time has grown into something a lot easier to perform. Part of that process is an effective introduction through education before the final application of the skills. When it comes to operating a boat that includes navigation, understanding the buoys or marker systems, weather, communications, safety, and especially the Rules of the Road.

As we have all experienced first-hand there are numerous ways to gather various types of information; online, distance learning, or still the favorite of many, in-class. Although social distancing guidelines should be used for everyone's protection, it is still a profound learning experience with this method of training.

Do you want to get your Captain's License? Beginning December 11, 2020, in Charleston, SC there will be an in-person (CDC Guidelines applied) USCG Captain's License course and examinations. Along with the training, we can also help with the application and other aspects of obtaining the credential through our outstanding, proven effective, service called CARS Credential App Review and Submission.

My recommendation...is not to follow any advice given by Eric Cartman especially when it comes to boating. Come enjoy the experience of learning in a very safe, well-designed classroom environment. Contact me at Steve@CPOJohnson.com to find out more. Steve@CPOJohnson.com.

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