They're Back...

What if the new academic year begins with an online media system of education...again? Web-based instruction brings back feelings of dread to some, and anticipation to others. I realize there are different educational needs, such as human interaction at schools, sports, and other events that relate to social development, but what happens if all that is delayed in the restart? I would submit, the definition of Normal will never be the same after this period in our history. As each day passes, the reality of it all begins to get stretched and harder to predict. It's like staring into a blank screen waiting for what comes next...

There is a possible way to ease the negative outcomes of this dilemma when it relates to education, pertaining to many levels and types of instruction. The idea is based on the fact that people are sometimes influenced more by the person presenting, than the content. Online training platforms vary in complexity and with variables taken into consideration, serve the basic needs for visual content, print, or video. That does NOT include the vast realm of body language in the presentation. Depending on the subject being presented, the need for a wider angle shot of the moderator would serve to deliver a better encompassing view, similar in some aspects as to being there in person. A slight difference in the Point of View can deliver a significant positive impact on the presentation. In addition, the well planned combination of both online and in-person classes has a very successful track record.

Blended Training and what is it? Two very significant words that describe a proven method of online delivery by superior video production, print and support graphics, along with books, if desired or needed. Couple that extraordinary media with periods of in-person gathering, keeping within the CDC guidelines currently in place, or a live video webinar, professionally and effectively delivering the final conclusion...Success.

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