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There are numerous levels of maritime license and certification training all leading to final examinations. Some of the methods are online, classroom, or a combination of both called Blended. Not surprising is the length of time it takes to gather all this new found information and be able to recite it sufficiently to pass the written examinations, whether it be at an Academy, School, or the USCG Regional Exam Center (REC).

How do you successfully store the mounds of technical data to recall when you need it? Some testing protocols have multiple modules requiring many hours, even days to complete. Regardless of the volume of the study material, there needs to be a set design to learn and remember. In reality, it is not the complexity of the discipline that's the adversary to students, it's how it is organized by you the receiver to summon at will to favorably complete the course of instruction with a passing score.

The maritime training market is filled with countless gadgets and graphics to solve the equations and promote understanding. Mnemonics abound with catchy phrases that act as a memory technique, but when the time comes to actually take the test, you are faced with nothing but yourself, and the allowable items such as; limited function calculators, reference books, other documents, and one very extraordinary item not normally associated with learning.

The absolute best way to adequately prepare for the exams is to organize the information in a very specific way. One of the most overlooked tactics you can use to complete this arduous task is utilizing BLANK copy paper. It is true...the simplest approach is always the best. There are extremely valuable applications of blank paper and it is always allowed in the testing rooms. Want to know how to develop this proven skill set and pass your big day at the examinations?

For maritime students currently working towards the OUPV through Master Upgrade and other Deck Licenses, including Upper Levels, contact me and I can show you how to create a solid, workable solution to your study regiment with copy paper. Writing your knowledge down and drawing picture graphics on paper BEFORE you begin the testing process is the key.

If you need sound advice from an experienced USCG Approved Instructor, Assessor, and Test Proctor on how to study and prepare for such an undertaking then contact me at Steve@CPOJohnson.com or send a message through the Contact page on this website. You will be amazed how this innovation in effective study prep can serve your needs and deliver the best results. When you see a test question, don't draw a blank memory

...Draw on Blank Paper and Pass the Exam !!!

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