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Obtaining the USCG License and/or Credential can be a very complicated series of tasks to perform correctly. You can look at countless websites, government forms, and all sorts of information produced to help reach your goal and yet...there are still questions to answer, problems to solve. Have heard it said from students and seasoned mariners numerous times throughout my professional career; "the application was definitely the hardest part to successfully complete "

That's not speculation or theory, it is an absolute fact. Given the great reviews from many customers of the easy to use educational format, informative, and cost effective approach with Blended or Online Training from US Captain's Training; you can begin your journey to reach that destination of getting the small, passport-size, booklet that will permit you to carry passengers for hire, other maritime professional jobs, or just improve your boating safety. Complete the significantly large credential process easier, and much faster with precise guidance from our experts. To find out more on How to Get Your USCG License just email direct on my Contact Page at and you'll receive a no cost introduction handbook with direct links to the best resources on the market.

The most proficient method to achieve this objective is with the vast experience of trained professionals that specialize in this complex realm. If you already have a license, want to upgrade, renew, need paperwork help, or even filing of the documents for you to the U.S. Coast Guard National Maritime Center, please contact CARS

There are plenty of great schools and training platforms that comprise the educational side of the maritime industry. What is needed most is an excellent, efficient combination of license training, application service, and know-how to help you get through the gauntlet. We can show you how to do it...

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