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You just completed the examination for a USCG License. A long period of study, countless hours of instruction, complicated subject matter, some totally foreign to the norm. Who does paper chart plotting anymore? You would be surprised how many professional navigators do in fact remain proficient in the art of Mercator Projection, as it is still a back-up requirement, even mandatory for some classes of vessels like oil tankers for example. Rules of the Road still doesn't make overall sense, but wait for that fateful moment when you are faced with a piloting decision to avoid a collision or grounding. Now with the huge advances of information technology control with Electronic Charting, GPS, Broadband Radar, Forward Looking Sonar and other sensors, the ways of old have almost passed on it would appear.

If you think that series of tasks getting thru the training classes was difficult...wait until you see the application paperwork and other requirements needed to submit to the National Maritime Center. There's much, much more to this whole objective of obtaining mariner credentials. Institutions that cling to the old ways of paperwork management are missing the speed and proficiency of using the Cloud. Unless it is deemed a requirement to mail paperwork thru a conventional means of delivery, then the Cloud should be utilized. It has security and presents the most controlled and expeditious method of transmitting documents. The best course of action, if desired, would be to retain the professional services of an expert in this field of application management, especially the submission of this magnitude. A cadre of seasoned pros, retired U.S. Coast Guard experts in this field of expertise, that provide pinpoint accuracy and guidance to complete your goal and obtain the license or certification is available NOW.

Discover the absolute very best service thru Credential Application Review and Submission, CARS. If you want to know more please visit for details or contact the team direct on the CARS page.

"Get it done right the first time, in less time...with CARS"

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