It's Break Time...

How many of you have heard that before? Something we all look forward to, especially when in a classroom taking the USCG license or certification courses. By my calculations, based on years of experience as student, instructor, assessor and examiner, the period of time everyone is back in their seats will be twenty minutes or more. Followed soon by lunch-time, then back to the educational grind, for the afternoon presentation, assignments, and much needed breaks. Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it.

We are all given the exact same amount each and every day. How it is applied is the real challenge. Time does have a tremendous impact on cost, a fact that everyone knows to be considerable in regards to just about anything. This article is specific on how to utilize this most precious of resources to your fullest advantage when undertaking the mariner training courses, examinations, and the complicated filing of the application paperwork. Relevant to all levels of license, tutorial, including those that need the OUPV, Master, AB, Towing, and/or Sailing endorsements.

Mandated hours of attendance and other requirements are large with in-class type of educational programs. Even subtracting from the total investment, the travel and other expenses, the expenditure is very significant. There is nothing wrong with this approach, and some mariners actually prefer it that way. The primary benefit of this style of syllabus delivery is the ability for the student to communicate directly with the instructor in real time. Something pure online format does not offer. Factor in break times, lunch, more breaks, and many other clock consuming factors, the real picture of "how long" starts to emerge.

Now with one of the most cost effective and innovative methods of learning on hand, you can experience not only professional in-class instruction, tutorial, and examination, but the superior convenience of premium online content available anywhere. There is always another way to accomplish

any goal. The exceptional art of Blended Training delivers the most outstanding results with the absolute best usage of the extremely valuable asset we call Time.

Discover more details about this revolution in learning processes with US Captain's Training by logging onto my Training Division website; or contact me at this address. You will certainly see that this really is one of the best methods to license and certification success available on the market.

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