Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business

Today marks a very special occasion for my maritime service company. Received my certification from the VA as an Approved Veteran-Owned Small Business.

When I began this arduous journey to become qualified it was full of complicated requirements and forms to fill out. Almost as if it was a different language and one that I did not speak nor understand. There are many avenues to accomplish your objectives and the best method that I have discovered firsthand is thru a professional organization, one that fully understands the complexities of this type of undertaking.

By good fortune, and the right search engine, I came across a group of experts called Federal Award Management Registration. From the beginning of the process, complete to the final approvals it was something to behold. Knowledge is the key of success to be able to operate in this marketplace that demands skill and experience.

I write this blog not to promote myself, although it is a byproduct of this article, but to say Thank You to the outstanding team that got me here. If you are a Veteran and have a Small Business then why not leverage your experience in this arena? It may require preparation and other administrative duties but it is worth every moment of your time and expense.

Find out how it's done right by contacting them direct at; 855.400.4708 or log on to www.FAMR.us

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