A Sense of Direction

The one primary thing, besides the Navigation Rules of the Road, that every student that has completed or going through a course of instruction and examination for the USCG Captain's License remembers, is the Compass. It all begins with North and moves from there. Using a sometimes perceived ancient method of navigation, commanding a paper chart, has its rewards in many unique ways. Allow me to demonstrate a few.

Learning the art of finding your position or location also brings the requirement of evolving internal direction. Each student, as they undertake a chart plotting problem, self-develops their own methodology of deriving the correct answer. Procedures and standards are set, each one of the class members using a slightly different approach and determination. As instructor and tutor it is my primary objective to help them further understand and apply that knowledge to getting the correct answer and grasping the steps of obtaining it.

This standard operating process also has other benefits to the other modules of the license course. Basically, the same training technique used in charting is handed-down to the other sections of the exams. Regardless of what level of license you are preparing for, there are learning methods of which you mastered while charting that have intrinsic benefit for all other knowledge factors. How's that for an idea to learn quicker, remember more, while becoming a better Navigator and Pilot? Contact me and I'll show you how it's done, and to think

...It all started with North

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