The Last Slice

Learning something new is like the last slice of pizza in the box for the taking. Guess which one gets the prize? Chair provided for a front row seat to this predictable challenge. Witness how performance of skill with the right tools wins out every time to just content of words. Similar to taking the training for the USCG License and preparing for the exams that follow. Given today's advanced GPS technology the chart is displayed with vivid graphics as your vessel marks the spot of your location in precise detail. Who needs the license to show me how to do that? A common feeling and thread of conversation among those with that mindset. In reality, getting the USCG license is not a requirement, unless you carry passengers for hire on navigable waterways or when directed by governing authority of the area of where you operate. Training content can be found everywhere, on the web and in the classroom. What counts the most in this whole process is finding the guidance on how to accomplish this seemingly foreign set of tasks. Many new ideas are coming your way, application forms of unimaginable complication, examinations, not to mention the really big learning objective of mastering the Rules of the Road.

All these necessary things to successfully complete are within your grasp with the proper mentoring to assist you achieve your goals. I can help you reach that destination or should I say

... The Last Slice

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