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Here we go! Another year upon us, time in motion, wishing you the best 2019. Keeping in the maritime realm with a Boating Safety topic presenting...

The Top Ten things to do for a better on the water experience

Experienced boaters may have other ideas and priorities to add or modify as each Captain is different. These items listed below are taken from input of operators in all types of watercraft and locations. The reality is, all vessels share a common theme of ten major knowledge factors in Boating Safety.

It's actually not that hard to get prepared and be ready for what may come. By performing this critical set of tasks you increase your awareness of dangerous situations, the chief component of your continual focus while piloting your vessel. Proper navigation is only part of solving the equation to risk assessment and collision avoidance. The basic things in the maritime world of safety mean much more to the final outcome of your voyage.

Considered by many mariners as the best way to self-improvement in your own skill level is to show someone else how to do the task correctly. Here's my Top Ten choices for what to teach and demonstrate in random order;

  1. How to wear a Life Jacket

  2. Use a Fire Extinguisher

  3. Anchoring

  4. Look-out Functions

  5. Basic First Aid and Kit

  6. Radio Operation

  7. Lights and Signals

  8. Weather Forecast

  9. Voyage Plan

  10. Water Recovery MOB

Many more items and procedures can be added, depending on the utility, location, and design of the boat. These are just the basics to get started. There are plenty of resources to obtain this knowledge. Contact me to discover how.

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