The Road to License Success

Your preparing to undertake the adventure of a lifetime? There are a lot of mariners that would describe the experience a little harsher sometimes. Obtaining a USCG License, Certification, or Credential can be extremely confusing in the beginning, during, and after the processes.

What type of syllabus do you take; online, in-class or blended? How do you complete the paperwork? When do you attend training? Where to go for advice and tutorial?

A course of instruction of this magnitude is daunting with all the requirements, examinations, documents, training platforms, and especially all the time, money invested. The answers to those questions and help in successfully completing the tasks are here for the asking. Part of the professional experience provided to maritime students through is CARS, Credential Application Review Service. Correctly handling the application paperwork after the training, and tests to the National Maritime Center for the issuance of the license is only a portion of the service. CARS can also expertly advise you what to expect and basically help you sort out and answer everything you need in solving this complicated equation of expenditure ahead of your time in the classroom or whatever form or combination of education delivery you select.

There is one primary component about getting the USCG License that should be thoroughly considered BEFORE you venture down this road. What exactly do you qualify for? The scope of license is based on your experience, time on the water, the size of the vessel, and many other factors that play an integral part of the journey to this destination. A few options to discover some of the answers to these perplexing questions can be obtained from; the training institution, consultants, online content, USCG National Maritime Center and personal advice or opinion from boaters already licensed. Contact us to find out how

...CARS can expertly guide you down The Road to License Success

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