Where Are You?

A profound question that everyone asks at one point in their life. Transportation relies heavily on the capability to quickly answer that specific inquiry as well. Identification, Friend or Foe, aka IFF for aircraft and AIS, similar in data application for ships. Vehicles on the road need GPS to navigate and for emergencies. Short bursts of extremely important, multi-function information display that serves to both guide and protect. Most everything we are familiar with using requiring high-technology connectivity operates in this domain.

So what makes this device so special... capability, size, application, and price point are just a sample. In regards to boating; imagine developing a voyage plan that can be accurately tracked from remote locations in real-time, and even recorded if desired. In addition, connected to other ports such as Bluetooth and WiFi gives this small but extremely powerful innovation the ability to go places where other position information technology can not.

Multiple input capability makes Trackimo not just a location finder, but a revelation that effectively crosses the spectrum of coverage, both inside and out. Something of this much value should be available to all that want the technology benefits or have the need to answer the question.

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