It's About Time

Everyone of us has been given the same count. Exactly 24 hours a day, incorporating minutes, seconds. It's not the factor of the amount of time, it's what we do with it that resonates the most. Many deterrents wait in line to waste this precious resource; procrastination leading the way. This article is specific to the amount of time you spend obtaining a USCG License and show you extremely innovative ways to achieve that objective of successfully getting the credentials.

Traditional methods propose sitting in class for almost sixty hours listening to a Instructor give you the information. It's up to you to absorb the content and then also effectively study to further hone the newfound skill set. Then follows the examinations, another day of the already very long, arduous process.

How much time do you think you actually are engaged while in the learning mode, understanding a new volume of information or method to solve a problem? First lets get through the detractors when it comes to actual time elements of a training syllabus; coffee breaks, lunch, more breaks, other class members recounting experiences, Instructor stories of previous voyages, more breaks. Then comes driving to and from class which depending on the location, can be an extreme challenge. By my long-term and proven calculations you spend over 20% to 30% of the time in elements other than actual learning. In some cases that percentage point is much higher. That's something to consider when planning an educational venture such as this.

Many times before it has been said that "Time is Money" and that is exactly what it is in pure form. Taking time from work, family, and other things in your life has a cost attached to it. As it varies for each individual, it is still a very influential part of everything. Another thing to remember, lodging, food, fuel, and other expenses begin to show large numbers in your financial calculations.

Do you want to know How to get a U.S. Coast Guard License, OUPV, Master, Towing Assist, Sailing, and other credentials in less time, with a more productive learning environment, taught by some of the best Instructors in the business, minus all the extra fees that filter in to greatly increase the final expense? Follow me to my next blog Blended Learning and I will show you the secret. Not only learning and passing the examinations, but complete professional service regarding your application to the National Maritime Center by experts, submitted within 96 hours.

Total Success is Using Time to Advantage, Passing the Exams, and Getting the License in Hand...

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