Blended Learning and License Success

Blended Learning is like an solid anchor holding you in place and at the same time enabling you to maneuver when you need or desire to. Similar in many ways in the elaborate processes and requirements of getting your USCG license. Since you have chosen this course of action let me serve as your guide and show you just how all this works and achieving the final objective of getting the license in hand.

The authority for all USCG licenses, certificates, forms, evaluations, training institutions, assessments, and examinations resides with the National Maritime Center

The keys to unlock the door to getting your license

---- Log onto to register and discover how the process works and cost elements

---- Contact an Instructor, Assessor, and Examiner with the training institution to schedule exams or sign up for Blended Class preference times. Dates TBD depending on volume of requests.

---- Compare pricing with other schools taking in account Time allocated for taking the classes and exams

---- Expert training and tutorial to help you learn and prepare for the exams

---- Only 5-Days of limited in-class and another day assigned for examinations given by the same USCG Approved Instructor, Assessor, and Examiner.

---- Blended Class includes everything you need to learn this skill set

---- Other classes and certifications also available, including OUPV

---- Your application to the USCG can be completed and verified 100% accurate with Credential Application Review Service, CARS, and submitted in 96 hours to the National Maritime Center

---- US Captains Training has forms and guides online to support your needs if you intend to submit the application paperwork yourself

---- Other locations can be selected for training and examinations after review and approval by USCG National Maritime Center. US Captain's Training Instructors are well versed in the requirements and can help you complete that task if needed.

As you can see this is a process, one that is often considered by many to be difficult with all the "Red Tape". It is often said by former students that "the paperwork application was harder than the training course".

We can professionally help you navigate the process to your final destination of success...License in Hand.

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