Full Mission "Stimulators"

An integral part of maritime education is Assessment by example and trial. Various types of simulator platforms are used by training academies and schools for this educational mission; desktop, VR, AR, and then there is my absolute favorite, Full Mission. By some perceptions, it may not be the latest and greatest, but it possesses a very unique quality that no other system can match.

Communication and action between the bridge team are vitally important. To learn a system or sensor and utilize it to its intended capability is incredible. To create a single cohesive group that acts with one specific goal in mind; error-free navigation, that’s something of a totally different class.

As most navigators would agree, managing more than one sensor and verifying all information steers to a correct decision in vessel control. By any standard, you are to also forecast events before they even happen by risk assessment and voyage planning. Reality considered, the classroom is only the very beginning introduction of the sometimes long journey of learning a skill set. Proficiency only arrives after the experience. The timeline is shortened greatly by the introduction of simulation, especially this design. It brings the unique capability of human communication and actions within the bridge team.

As a professional navigator, simulator instructor, with experience in various types of systems and classes of ships, this configuration model by VSTEP is absolutely one of the most impressive. Jumping from a classroom to underway is a very large chasm. The objective of gaining experience is almost a dichotomy having to wait for a difficult navigation scenario or evolution to learn from an experience factor.

Given the configuration of the simulation an additional capabilities, serving to create realism and Error Trapping, this technology now becomes a Full Mission “Stimulator”. Each of us can vividly remember special occasions in our professional past and the exact feelings those events produced. Often referred as an adrenalin rush, the feeling is a critical part of solving the equation of true long-term learning and mastery.

Whether it’s routine operations, or some extraordinary incident, the Full Mission system delivers all the parts to effective training in a way that is extremely profound. With innovation, the arrangement engages human interaction, the real component of success in the world of maritime navigation and Bridge Resource Management.

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