What exactly is a Captain?

The person in charge of the safe and efficient operation of a vessel, in all aspects. Normally someone with experience and possesses the ability to assess risk and act accordingly to minimize the danger. Captain's and other maritime licenses come in many forms and levels of certification with credential. Most of the marketplace consists of smaller vessels of numerous types of mission and design; big to small, fast to slow. The one common thread to these watercraft is the need for USCG license training, examination, an assessment, if required. You can see the full range of credentials and vast amounts of informational guides at the USCG National Maritime Center website; www.uscg.mil/nmc

As the USCG website will advise; if you carry passengers for hire on navigable waterways, then you need a license. Regardless if you are included in this classification, or on a lake or river not bound by these rules, it is a great idea to get the license and absorb the training. You will see improvements in GPS chart interpretation, a greater understanding of the buoys and other navigational markers. The absolute greatest benefit is a mastery of the Rules of the Road. That's the critical liability part of boating that has the biggest implication to your success in this waterborne environment.

You can get content anywhere, it's how it is presented and by whom. There are new, innovative, proven successful methods, requiring less time, that combine classroom with superb on-line know how from experts. Couple that with tutorial instruction when you need it and application service by the best in the business you have a winning approach to achieve this goal. To find out more you can contact me at this website or visit www.NavTeach.com

To be a Captain is to have knowledge and when to best use it. The secret is discovering how...

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