2 Holes In Steel

Look closely and you will notice a few holes drilled through the metal plating. Yes, this fabrication is normally utilized for decks of ships, but it's not the use or design of the steel that's important...it is the 2 Holes. Let me explain...

Part of going to sea on a commercial merchant ship is taking a course on Vessel Security Awareness and applying that knowledge while working on the vessel. An International requirement from IMO, it is presented in a few different varieties; with or without duties. The syllabus lasting approximately eight hours, covering all the basic elements of the duty that is expected and practiced by all mariners. Learning what to look for and how to report the observation or incident are the main premise of the training. Once the professional mariner joins the ship, further drills and exercises are conducted frequently to hone the skills in this area.

There are a few points that are not covered extensively in the brief one-day course that are major components of the counter piracy course of actions taken by crews that are under attack. One of the techniques is to close yourself inside a compartment or room on the ship with the door locked....from the OUTSIDE !!!

Exactly as previously stated, your protection is provided by gathering in place and closing a door or hatch behind you, locked from the other side. Not to mention; the need for someone to get everyone out once the danger has passed. Evident to say; the bad guys may not be able to get in, but you are NOT getting out unless the door is unlocked by someone else. That is practically unacceptable and can be just as hazardous. What if you and your fellow crew members had to vacate the space quickly because of fire or other emergency such as the vessel sinking, taking on water? How would you get out to safety? You already know the probable outcome.

Sometimes the best answers come in the simplest form. All it takes is 2 Holes drilled in steel and using an amazing, innovative, simple to use and install device called Safe Escape Lock; www.SafeEscapeLock.com. Log onto the website and discover how this breakthrough can radically change the way you think of safety when it comes to Vessel Security and even other applications that can provide tremendous benefit to your operations, especially when safety and security are priorities.

Safe Escape Lock is approved by IMO, USCG, other agencies, and official regulations. Contact me if you want to know more and learn how it can be used for other applications as well.

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