Get Your License With CARS

Getting the USCG license, regardless of what level of professional certification you are studying and preparing for is a difficult process that reaches far beyond just taking classes and the examinations that follow. There are ancillary costs and associated tasks that have to be performed in order to successfully submit the information to the U.S. Coast Guard for issuance.

This task is daunting at best with all the information that must be submitted for proper evaluation. Remember you are submitting to live person and not a computer program. That brings in the element of error which can delay your final "License in Hand" moment. There is a remedy for that unwanted situation.

Imagine extremely effective, formerly trained, experienced, prior USCG and USCG Licensed experts review your application for completeness and even submit it for you via the internet (the preferred way)....all in 96 Hours after the application is meticulously inspected for accuracy and corrected if needed.

Outstanding, express service from professionals in the maritime license business to take you to the final outcome in this educational voyage, successfully obtaining your Captains License and other credentials Send us a note at, the training division at CPO Johnson, Inc or at this email site to discover how to effectively and quickly reach your objective of License in Hand.

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