Danger Close...

Radar, first developed many years ago during the time of World War has moved forward a tremendous distance in advanced technology sensors. Traveling at the speed of light, the energy pulse generated by the device called a Magnetron would bounce off the object, surface or air, and return. Measuring the very brief period of time compared to the duration of the wave would solve for distance away. The direction of the object was added with the use of a compass rose as the antenna rotated. The mission or primary use determined the size and shape of the array.

The most important element of radar data is proximity. Danger Close the real culprit. The ability to clearly see an approaching target at near range whether for navigation, avoidance, or intercept is the main factor in successful piloting and ship handling. Overlay with GPS charts, connection with Automated Plotting, and use of AIS presents a wealth of information to display on the Multi-Function Display.

There is Radar that can see Danger Close, complete with vastly reduced, almost eliminated radiation hazards normally associated with pulse systems. SIMRAD has the affordable, reliable technology in Broadband Radar 3G and 4G. Clear, accurate picture, at very close ranges makes this the most innovative upgrade for this extremely important sensor, since its invention. See for yourself at;

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