3 Gears...To Success

3 Gears To Success

Taking the US Coast Guard license courses of instruction and exams? There is a tremendous amount of work necessary to reach that total objective, hours of preparation and study, just to fathom the basics.

Modern Technology is a marvelous thing however it does not take you down the path of total understanding without the primary knowledge. Regardless of the vessel you command, Captain to Operator, you must demonstrate the foundation of How and Why things work properly, synchronicity, just like gears meshing.

The two most perceived difficult sections of any license regiment are; Navigation Rules of the Road and Chart Plotting using a Mercator Projection aka paper chart. Both are absolutely necessary to receive your professional license and also helps develop your mastery of advanced navigation electronics.

Think of it as 3 Gears. Combining both larger sides with a smaller component, the one that makes everything work. That's what great tutorial does for you. Delivers the immense value of passing the examination, and even greater benefit of awareness. Comes with sharing experience; keeping the gears moving in a proper fashion.

Learn from a professional mentor and tutor. A profound difference in the final result in many different ways...

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