3 Steps to STCW Certification

The new year 2017 is almost upon us; the deadlines for STCW Leadership assessment and training soon the requirement for professional licensed mariners. Resolve the HR task of attending a class in person for 40 hours at a distant location. Take the US Coast Guard Approved course online and we will come to your office training facility to provide the exam services.

Here's how it works...

  1. Log onto www.USCaptainsTraining.com and register for the course you need.

  2. CPOJohnson.com is the USCG Approved Assessor for the training along with other approved examiners and testing sites in the USA. See US Captain's Training for Locations and Courses

  3. Your company training room or nearby location can be USCG Approved for Testing based on guidelines set by National Maritime Center. Please contact us for details.

Save both time and money to achieve your training goals with one of the very best license and certification institutions, online syllabus, and professional staff available!

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