Days Gone By

What a view of the sea and the ships that sail upon it. The artist skillfully transposes sight onto canvas. Unsure as to the date or geographic location it represents; but notice sail was the primary power for these vessels.

Wonder what it was like to pilot one of those ships? GPS definitely not a factor in this type of navigation, Regardless how ancient this looks; there are still remnants of knowledge and skills that are required for US Coast Guard and IMO licensing and certification in this day and age.

The goal is to discover and learn these subjects well enough to pass very long and arduous examinations. Many paths lead to that destination, in class training centers, academies, and online syllabus.

The choice of how to learn is unique, depending on each individual situation. Asking a maritime professional is the best method to acquire that information. Mentoring from past experience brings much value to the effort and enables success when complete.

There's only one way to find out...

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