Chapter 25

Nathaniel Bowditch (1773-1838), often considered as the father of Modern Navigation, provided the foundation to the duties and responsibilities for a ship navigator in a book titled The American Practical Navigator. You can see his history online at any search engine under the title or name. Required reading for all military and professional mariners that serve as a navigation officer, pilot, or Captain. Chapter 25 comprises only ten pages of very specific, direct to the point processes and tasks involved to control the movement of a ship, manage the bridge team, and deliver error free performance in all your duties. New editions of the book are produced throughout the years since the first publication, and it can be found on the web in full detail. Celestial, Terrestrial, and many other facets of navigation are based on this text and numerous mathematical tables in both Volumes I and II.

Boating Safety information and training comes from this basic origin, of course in much different format and content presentation. Each and every time you go out on the water you should organize; voyage plan, weather forecast, ample provisions, safety checks, and brief to the passengers and crew. There are many types of preparation apps, advanced electronic multi function display tools to help you accomplish this meaningful task and deliver many benefits to everyone.

Preparation is the absolute best method to assure an incident free, good time on the water. It all stems from good boating information and training, delivered in such a fashion to produce a positive change. Increase in confidence, the destination, all serving effectively your time on the water.

The boating life has its numerous benefits and sometimes challenges. As there is no specific cure to all the types of maritime risks except...Knowledge, Understanding, and Proficiency. This can only be accomplished by the boater and is at very best, a continual process. This is what the famous Chapter 25 is all about. Proven methods, and ideas to always provide a positive navigation environment, at all times, in any conditions. Not the same as pleasure boating but does present some exceptional ideas as to directly controlling your boating safety environment. The original design of the book and chapter, intended for large ocean going ships, its application actually covering all types of vessels that operate on the water in some small and meaningful way. Modern day boating safety training is the best format to help you discover the knowledge you need to make you a better and safer operator.

It all begins...American Practical Navigator, Bowditch, Chapter 25

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