Know Where to "GO"

With every venture out on the water comes the opportunity to experience the technology of advanced electronics. The most impressive elements are presentation and ease of use. To arrive safely at your destination you need information, fast, accurate, not difficult to read and understand. Something I refer to as absolute.

Regardless of the type of data, the process of extracting it should be similar to everyday devices you are accustomed to, and familiar with. Smart phones, tablets, apps, all of which have a common thread of function and organization. Simplicity of operation, utilizing the device to its maximum potential. High tech without this capability is just another gadget.

The rapid evolution of new, innovative, marine information devices, is now even more up to date with the introduction of a new generation of multi function displays, SIMRAD GO7 and GO5. A tremendous breakthrough for smaller vessels and operators that need affordable, expertly engineered, navigation presentation in a very straightforward to use system format. Knowledge, understanding, and proficiency are the prominent factors in this class of MFD. Superior technology can be an integral part of your boating navigation skills, increase in confidence, helping deliver the best experience with your vessel. Incredible boost in capability and boating safety is the ultimate result using these advancements.

Everything reduces down to information, especially how you like it delivered. What is the best format, the quickest way to get the knowledge you need to make decisions? Only you can answer that question. My support is to anything that emulates the experience of using a phone or tablet should be considered a noteworthy step in the right direction in boating technology. Underway can sometimes be a constant barrage of events, all requiring some sort of decision and, or action to maneuver safely, at all times, in any condition.

Imagine; rapid, incredibly accurate GPS, the very best in charting presentation, sonar delivering the details of the depths below your vessel, even in 3D view. Real time satellite weather information and graphics. Numerous entertainment options, all emanating from a device strikingly similar to the same technology you use every day. Another tremendous benefit, internal WiFi capability is included. The unit can tether to your tablet and phone allowing direct control of your multifunction display, for the exception of auto pilot guidance.

Advanced marine electronics should not be complicated, each upgrade easier to use than its predecessor being replaced. GO is a giant leap in this type of highly developed navigation presentation, functionality, and definitely an asset to your boating needs.

A significant improvement to safe boating...Know Where to GO

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