The "Green Flash"

Sometimes as the sun drops to the West, for a brief moment in time, it will flash "Green" in color as it descends beyond the visible horizon. Not just another beautiful sunset, it's the beginning of a night at sea, the horizon giving way to the total change from day to night. Countless stars litter the sky, illuminating as far as the eye can see upon the surface of the ocean.

Many of these moments await for those that call this their home away from home. Professional mariners are different and unique in many ways. Work consists of objectives; places to go, things to do and see. Never the same place more than a few days, sometimes even less.

Want to witness the "Green Flash" someday? It is only an educational and learning step away. Let me be your guide if you are considering this type of career. Become a Merchant Mariner and truly see the world...even the flash now and then.

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