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Getting the USCG license, regardless of what level of professional certification you are studying and preparing for is a difficult process that reaches far beyond just taking classes and the examinations that follow. There are ancillary costs and associated tasks that have to be performed in order to successfully submit the information to the U.S. Coast Guard for issuance. This task is daunting at best with all the information that must be submitted for proper evaluation. Remember you are submitting to live person and not a computer program. That brings in the element of error which can delay your final "License in Hand" moment. There is a remedy for that unwanted situation. Imagine extreme

CARS and the Cloud

You just completed the examination for a USCG License. A long period of study, countless hours of instruction, complicated subject matter, some totally foreign to the norm. Who does paper chart plotting anymore? You would be surprised how many professional navigators do in fact remain proficient in the art of Mercator Projection, as it is still a back-up requirement, even mandatory for some classes of vessels like oil tankers for example. Rules of the Road still doesn't make overall sense, but wait for that fateful moment when you are faced with a piloting decision to avoid a collision or grounding. Now with the huge advances of information technology control with Electronic Charting, GPS, B

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