Do You Have Channel Fever?

No, it's not a medical condition or illness. Nor is this particular fever measured by a thermometer. The malady is known by different names depending on your situation and perception, this one particular to seafarers that are away from home for long periods of time on a voyage or deployment. There is no specific amount of that element that can cause this ailment as each person is different. It is very real, something I have experienced first-hand many times before. Mariners often feel the effects of Social Distancing, a term that has rapidly burned into our culture these past few months as the virus spreads across the globe. What do I mean by the phrase, Channel Fever, you may wonder? When y

Get Over It

Given the situation caused by the virus, there is no doubt of what is about to happen next for the maritime training industry in any skill assessment, license, or rating. It's like falling off the edge of a waterfall, safely floating along, everything operating as planned or forecast, then comes the unexpected edge. Going over that demarcation of gravity is not good by any standard for both student and the institutions that serve, if they are not prepared. Although not a wanted change by some boaters seeking to tackle this challenge, taking an online course of instruction for license or certification does something remarkable for those that can, and do master the process of such an undertaki

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