GPS - Journey to Everywhere

Where do you want to go? Just plug the information into your GPS device and the voice on the other end begins to speak to you, turn by turn directions to your intended destination. Factor in user preferences, multiple routes, even the different types of views and map orientation, plus many more options. That’s a reasonable and fair description of what is commonplace now, regardless of application in a vehicle, boat, or aircraft. Imagine what the near future holds for GPS and multi-function displays that will receive the broadcast of reliable guidance from space orbit…and other technology platforms. This commentary is specific to the Global Positioning System, GPS, as it pertains to the marit

It's Break Time...

How many of you have heard that before? Something we all look forward to, especially when in a classroom taking the USCG license or certification courses. By my calculations, based on years of experience as student, instructor, assessor and examiner, the period of time everyone is back in their seats will be twenty minutes or more. Followed soon by lunch-time, then back to the educational grind, for the afternoon presentation, assignments, and much needed breaks. Makes me feel exhausted just thinking about it. We are all given the exact same amount each and every day. How it is applied is the real challenge. Time does have a tremendous impact on cost, a fact that everyone knows to be conside

Dangerous Curve Ahead

There are countless reasons and causes for unsafe navigation situations resulting in risk of collision or grounding while on the water. Most all of them include one undeniable truth in vessel control, and that is, Advance and Transfer. The diagram shows graphically how all this works. Let's break it down to its roots and see where the hazards reside in this critical aspect of piloting. All watercraft behave differently when underway, even those of the same design and class. Considerations could be weight, distribution, position of the pivot point, height of the center of gravity, environment, and other factors that play an integral part of maneuvering. These elements are some of the prime co

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