Ask the Chief

The title and rank of Chief or CPO as recognized in the Coast Guard and Navy is one of knowledge reverence. Operations and Safety depend heavily on this professional expertise coupled with the ability to convey that vital set of skills to all aspects of the military and commercial maritime world. There are plenty of outstanding educational resources in books, videos, and other media, but the benefits of learning from someone experienced with mentoring is beyond positive measure. One of the biggest obstacles faced by new mariners is how to first attain the skill, then implement it to it's intended utilization. Just taking a course in maritime training does not convey the whole story. It is ba

Navigation and Allision Avoidance

A word seldom used among boaters and is of great significance. The definition of Allision is; A collision between a moving vessel and a stationary object. Even more of a risk sometimes than a collision involving another moving object on the water. The main cause of this type of incident, based on my past observations and review of accident investigations, is lack of navigation ability and the resulting diminished situational awareness. Chapter 25 for previous versions, now Chapter 27 in the latest release of Bowditch The American Practical Navigator describes the processes and requirements to successfully operate as an Officer in Charge of the Navigational Watch, aka OICNW. Bridge Resource

Where Are You?

A profound question that everyone asks at one point in their life. Transportation relies heavily on the capability to quickly answer that specific inquiry as well. Identification, Friend or Foe, aka IFF for aircraft and AIS, similar in data application for ships. Vehicles on the road need GPS to navigate and for emergencies. Short bursts of extremely important, multi-function information display that serves to both guide and protect. Most everything we are familiar with using requiring high-technology connectivity operates in this domain. So what makes this device so special... capability, size, application, and price point are just a sample. In regards to boating; imagine developing a voya

Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business

Today marks a very special occasion for my maritime service company. Received my certification from the VA as an Approved Veteran-Owned Small Business. When I began this arduous journey to become qualified it was full of complicated requirements and forms to fill out. Almost as if it was a different language and one that I did not speak nor understand. There are many avenues to accomplish your objectives and the best method that I have discovered firsthand is thru a professional organization, one that fully understands the complexities of this type of undertaking. By good fortune, and the right search engine, I came across a group of experts called Federal Award Management Registration. From

A Sense of Direction

The one primary thing, besides the Navigation Rules of the Road, that every student that has completed or going through a course of instruction and examination for the USCG Captain's License remembers, is the Compass. It all begins with North and moves from there. Using a sometimes perceived ancient method of navigation, commanding a paper chart, has its rewards in many unique ways. Allow me to demonstrate a few. Learning the art of finding your position or location also brings the requirement of evolving internal direction. Each student, as they undertake a chart plotting problem, self-develops their own methodology of deriving the correct answer. Procedures and standards are set, each one

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