Boating Collision Avoidance

Recognize this book? For those of you that work upon, enjoy, the water, and are in charge of navigating a vessel, it is a requirement to know and especially apply these regulations at all times. Failure to do so places liability and risk out in front of the voyage and is a big hazard to everything. Same importance for application with motor vehicles on our highways and aircraft in the skies above, you must be able to comprehend the content of this book to its fullest if you pilot on the waterways. Comprised mainly of 38 International Rules and 11 Inland (Differences), it is one of the most well written series of logical directions for operating in a marine environment. The size of the waterc

The Road to License Success

Your preparing to undertake the adventure of a lifetime? There are a lot of mariners that would describe the experience a little harsher sometimes. Obtaining a USCG License, Certification, or Credential can be extremely confusing in the beginning, during, and after the processes. What type of syllabus do you take; online, in-class or blended? How do you complete the paperwork? When do you attend training? Where to go for advice and tutorial? A course of instruction of this magnitude is daunting with all the requirements, examinations, documents, training platforms, and especially all the time, money invested. The answers to those questions and help in successfully completing the tasks are

Safe Escape Lock

The watertight door. A common sight on a vessel or rig at sea. Most would not think much about it, just something to pass through to get to your destination. Look closer and you will see that it is locked…from the outside. Space accountability for vessel safety demands that access to a compartment be controlled from the exterior of the space for a variety of scenarios; fire, flooding, lack of air, to name a few. Piracy at sea has been a scourge of the maritime world for centuries. The methods used to protect crew and cargo has steadily changed with modern times. As directed in STCW Vessel Security Training the threats are divided into categories, each with its own specific assessment and pro

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