Blended Learning and License Success

Blended Learning is like an solid anchor holding you in place and at the same time enabling you to maneuver when you need or desire to. Similar in many ways in the elaborate processes and requirements of getting your USCG license. Since you have chosen this course of action let me serve as your guide and show you just how all this works and achieving the final objective of getting the license in hand. The authority for all USCG licenses, certificates, forms, evaluations, training institutions, assessments, and examinations resides with the National Maritime Center The keys to unlock the door to getting your license ---- Log onto to register and di

It's About Time

Everyone of us has been given the same count. Exactly 24 hours a day, incorporating minutes, seconds. It's not the factor of the amount of time, it's what we do with it that resonates the most. Many deterrents wait in line to waste this precious resource; procrastination leading the way. This article is specific to the amount of time you spend obtaining a USCG License and show you extremely innovative ways to achieve that objective of successfully getting the credentials. Traditional methods propose sitting in class for almost sixty hours listening to a Instructor give you the information. It's up to you to absorb the content and then also effectively study to further hone the newfound skill

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