Full Mission "Stimulators"

An integral part of maritime education is Assessment by example and trial. Various types of simulator platforms are used by training academies and schools for this educational mission; desktop, VR, AR, and then there is my absolute favorite, Full Mission. By some perceptions, it may not be the latest and greatest, but it possesses a very unique quality that no other system can match. Communication and action between the bridge team are vitally important. To learn a system or sensor and utilize it to its intended capability is incredible. To create a single cohesive group that acts with one specific goal in mind; error-free navigation, that’s something of a totally different class. As most na

What exactly is a Captain?

The person in charge of the safe and efficient operation of a vessel, in all aspects. Normally someone with experience and possesses the ability to assess risk and act accordingly to minimize the danger. Captain's and other maritime licenses come in many forms and levels of certification with credential. Most of the marketplace consists of smaller vessels of numerous types of mission and design; big to small, fast to slow. The one common thread to these watercraft is the need for USCG license training, examination, an assessment, if required. You can see the full range of credentials and vast amounts of informational guides at the USCG National Maritime Center website; www.uscg.mil/nmc As th

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