2 Holes In Steel

Look closely and you will notice a few holes drilled through the metal plating. Yes, this fabrication is normally utilized for decks of ships, but it's not the use or design of the steel that's important...it is the 2 Holes. Let me explain... Part of going to sea on a commercial merchant ship is taking a course on Vessel Security Awareness and applying that knowledge while working on the vessel. An International requirement from IMO, it is presented in a few different varieties; with or without duties. The syllabus lasting approximately eight hours, covering all the basic elements of the duty that is expected and practiced by all mariners. Learning what to look for and how to report the obse

Charting A New Course

Mercator charting has always been the defining task required by marine navigation. Proficiency in this skill set is extremely critical to your overall success as a Navigator. Already a requirement to complete the plotting examination with a minimum passing score of 90% at U.S. Coast Guard Regional Exam Center (REC) locations throughout the USA. License levels of Operator Uninspected Passenger Vessels (OUPV) and Master Upgrade, formerly requiring a passing score of 70% or greater, have now been changed to meet the same competency as other license grades for Merchant Marine Officers, as of July 1, 2018. WOW... That is not a misprint, but a fact. Private maritime license training schools that o

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