Where Are You?

One definition of responsibility for safe navigation; the person in charge of a underway vessel on the water should be able to quickly, and with reasonable accuracy, give their approximate location at all times without regard to navigation systems and other piloting methods. All part of the total equation of knowing your geographic location and in order to become proficient in the science of navigation you need to first estimate your position…a process called dead reckoning. We all do it each and every time we drive our vehicles on the roads. Familiar landmarks, intersections, and driving experience serving as our expert guide. The same holds true for boating. Some of you develop and mast

Cold Water Safety

On advanced marine electronics systems there is a button labeled MOB which stands for Man Overboard, specifically designed to give the exact position of someone that has fallen into the water so the Navigator can make a speedy recovery, especially in cold water conditions. Hyperthermia is a very dangerous adversary to personal survival. Required by maritime rules, commercial licensed and military mariners practice this scenario often to constantly hone the necessary skills to perform this critical operation in any weather or sea condition. There are three different maneuvers or "turns" to accomplish that objective. For those of you that have taken boating and license courses the "Williamson

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