3 Steps to STCW Certification

The new year 2017 is almost upon us; the deadlines for STCW Leadership assessment and training soon the requirement for professional licensed mariners. Resolve the HR task of attending a class in person for 40 hours at a distant location. Take the US Coast Guard Approved course online and we will come to your office training facility to provide the exam services. Here's how it works... Log onto www.USCaptainsTraining.com and register for the course you need. CPOJohnson.com is the USCG Approved Assessor for the training along with other approved examiners and testing sites in the USA. See US Captain's Training for Locations and Courses Your company training room or nearby location can be

Days Gone By

What a view of the sea and the ships that sail upon it. The artist skillfully transposes sight onto canvas. Unsure as to the date or geographic location it represents; but notice sail was the primary power for these vessels. Wonder what it was like to pilot one of those ships? GPS definitely not a factor in this type of navigation, Regardless how ancient this looks; there are still remnants of knowledge and skills that are required for US Coast Guard and IMO licensing and certification in this day and age. The goal is to discover and learn these subjects well enough to pass very long and arduous examinations. Many paths lead to that destination, in class training centers, academies, and on

Pass the Exam

News flash...You can now take online courses of instruction required by the new STCW Regulations for Leadership and Managerial Skills (LMS) and Leadership and Teamwork Skills (LTS). Log onto www.USCaptainsTraining.com and go to the Home Page. Select the menu for Courses and see the selection of training offered, ranging from OUPV / Master Upgrade, AB, Vessel Security, FCC, and other US Coast Guard Approved courses. When you are complete with the course you can register for examinations at a variety of approved locations. CPOJohnson.com can expertly serve as your instructor, tutor, and examiner for the training courses depending on your preference for presentation style; in class, online, o

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