Know Where to "GO"

With every venture out on the water comes the opportunity to experience the technology of advanced electronics. The most impressive elements are presentation and ease of use. To arrive safely at your destination you need information, fast, accurate, not difficult to read and understand. Something I refer to as absolute. Regardless of the type of data, the process of extracting it should be similar to everyday devices you are accustomed to, and familiar with. Smart phones, tablets, apps, all of which have a common thread of function and organization. Simplicity of operation, utilizing the device to its maximum potential. High tech without this capability is just another gadget. The rapid evol

A Glimpse Into The Future

With all the very rapid advances in technology, what do you think the environment of boating will look like in just a few years? Sometimes feel my age when discussing conventional navigation and boating safety to a class or seminar. Mercator projection now a foreign word, charting always routinely performed by high speed GPS. No longer are the depths below you a secret, in full view with 3D sonar, even cameras that can peer below. Night vision optics that can see the surface in darkness and inclement weather. There are countless more developments and definitely not enough room to adequately discuss in just one article. With regards to the military; there is a new class of vessel that is n

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