The 3 Hour Tour

If you go out on the water this will be a familiar view sometimes. A lot to remember, safe navigation and collision avoidance all priorities that need to be performed correctly. Want to learn more about the latest in Marine Navigation technology, Boating Safety, Voyage Planning, even how to get a USCG License? You can discover how to make your boating day that much more enjoyable, safer, and with confidence. The 3 Hour Tour is designed to provide you with information to help you succeed on the water. Special presentations are scheduled on May 27 beginning at 10 AM and throughout the day at West Marine and Sea School, located at 14180 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL. Make it a long Memo

The "Green Flash"

Sometimes as the sun drops to the West, for a brief moment in time, it will flash "Green" in color as it descends beyond the visible horizon. Not just another beautiful sunset, it's the beginning of a night at sea, the horizon giving way to the total change from day to night. Countless stars litter the sky, illuminating as far as the eye can see upon the surface of the ocean. Many of these moments await for those that call this their home away from home. Professional mariners are different and unique in many ways. Work consists of objectives; places to go, things to do and see. Never the same place more than a few days, sometimes even less. Want to witness the "Green Flash" someday? It is

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